When It's Raining

by Eyes Wide

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    Recorded & Mixed by Vince Ratti at The Skylight Studio in Fairless Hills, Pa.
    Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.

    Track Listing:
    1. When It's Raining
    2. Fool's Gold
    3. Cold Front
    4. Derailleur
    5. Meet Me Halfway

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Eyes Wide is Aaron, Andy, and Grant.


released December 6, 2011

Recorded by Vince Ratti at the Skylight Studio in Fairless Hills, PA in August 2011. Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth.



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Eyes Wide Pennsylvania

Cats, Music, Cool.

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Track Name: When It's Raining
I know nothing and I don’t pretend to think I do I’m a little kid trapped in the skin of the man who’s standing next to you you’re quiet watching the sun rise between connecting flights an hour spent, silent, tired, and staring at the sky and I should really get off my hands and knees but I think that’s when things tend to resonate the best in this town that only holds me back I take everything you say with a grain of salt to cope with empty promises the first time in my life I can finally see the world for what it really is a jumble of colors and a blur is all you said but you were concentrating then on defining things you never thought I understood but I’m coming clean because I never really could so bury me standing I want to keep my head up when I’m gone so I can be closer to the sun and to the things that kept me warm so bury me standing it’s hard to think that this is all that’s left and I guess I never really thought about it then
Track Name: Fool's Gold
well now you know everything I wanted you to know and how it all gets back to me so drag my name through anything that will stick to it to help point the blame it’s all anyone’s good for these days call it insensitive I call it saying what I really think from on my back I can still feel the ground give out this world is spinning faster than it ever has before you go give me back all the sleepless nights you stole and my heavy eyes that flicker every time I blink with the image of your face the portrait of a mess I never thought I’d ever have to think about again and everything you took from me can't compare to what I got back when you walked away what’s done is done who ever thought it could get better than this I guess I left my frame of reference somewhere behind that night I cut my fingertips on that pane of glass that shattered in the cold I bled just like the orange and red that gets swallowed every night with the sunset
Track Name: Cold Front
If you open up the boundaries that you've locked mentally I'll be forever sorry for the way I used to be I misjudge the ebb and flow with every tidal change If you're looking for an answer it's getting pulled down by the water still burning at both ends If I would look past the horizon it'd speak to me in whispers and call out my name from somewhere past the breakers this cold front is hard to ignore if I struggle with the push and pull just let the tide take me
Track Name: Derailleur
I tried to pick your face out from that dying crowd but it seems those eyes that used to shine can’t even hold a candle to the light these days have all changed how did it get to the point where I cringe every time I hear your name believe me it weighs on my chest at night and I still think it’s strange to me how time can eat away I tried to say something relevant like it'd matter to the ones around you who let their dreams all rot to shit I never claimed I’d ever get the chance to change my fucking life but at least I tried and I’m getting better now
Track Name: Meet Me Halfway
Throw my mind away I don’t think I can deal with distance half as well as everyone thinks cut me from my rope and let me fall it’s like my body’s broken now and frozen to the unforgiving ground I swear to god that I give up